Accomodation prices

Price for one persone per night
Check-in from 12:00, check-out to 10:00.

with payment for month ahead 190,- CZK / day*
long term accomodation 215,- CZK / day
11 - 20 days 230,- CZK / day
6 - 10 days 250,- CZK / day
2 - 5 days 290,- CZK / day
1 day 350,- CZK / day
one persone on one room 400,- CZK / day

childern up to 6 years pays 50% of price.
*only for person with 60 continues accomodation days.

The booking is payable in advance or back up.

Please note that in case of arrears with bribery for more than one day, access to room will be limited.

Refundable deposit for one room key is 150 CZK, it is possible of more room keys.

Bed blocation: 50% of price, maximum for 8 nights in month.

Pursuant to the Generally Binding Decree on Local Residence Fee, the rate of CZK 50 will be charged for each commenced day of stay.

Prices do not include VAT.


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